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Corrosion-Resistant Venturi Flowmeters

October 11, 2011

A line of corrosion-resistant venturi flowmeters up to 10 feet in diameter for measuring the rate of flow at all types of water treatment plants is available from Westfall Manufacturing Company of Bristol, R.I. Westfall 2350 Series Venturi Flowmeters are made from fiberglass reinforced 10090 vinyl ester resin and have a stainless steel throat liner and flange. Capable of metering up to 50 mgd flow, these flowmeters are comparable to cast iron flowmeters in performance at one-third the cost because they are less expensive to manufacture and weigh considerably less. Available for piping from .75-inch to 120-inch O.D., Westfall 2350 Series Venturi Flowmeters reduce capitalized cost, freight and installation expense, according to the manufacturer. Easily installed between ANSI flanges, these fiberglass flowmeters have a short laying length design, provide low permanent pressure loss and have no moving parts.