Processing Magazine

Cost-effective alternative to expensive filter cartridges

November 6, 2006

PROGAF™ Filter Bags from Eaton will enable many users of expensive cartridge filters to replace them with this advanced bag filtration system to take advantage of all the benefits this system has to offer - including lower initial cost and easier, less expensive disposal of used filtration media. PROGAF Filter Bags combine extended service life with extreme filtration efficiency ratings of up to 99.98% - performance that was only available with expensive filter cartridges in the past. Research into filter bag design coupled with extensive real world application studies has resulted in the development of a unique multi-layer construction for the PROGAF Filter Bag. This construction provides a progressive filtration mechanism that traps unwanted particles throughout the depth of the media to give PROGAF Filter Bags their extremely high particle retention capabilities. And the 100% polypropylene construction provides the benefits of a clean, chemically resistant and silicone free material used to manufacture an economical, self-contained and easy to dispose of filter bag.