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Cost-effective Ex camera system enhances process QA, QC and safety

August 7, 2006

Providing real-time control-room monitoring of technical processing operations at a range of up to 1000 meters, the Lumiglas® Visulex Ex Camera System from L.J. Star Inc. saves on-site staff and travel time while enhancing quality control/assurance programs in hazardous locations.

Visual process data may be continuously displayed in the control room on a standard monitor or a PC with image processing and/or the data can be saved for later evaluation.

The camera mounts directly on the process vessel, using a standard sightglass fitting (DIN 28120 or similar) with a hinged bracket. Readily installed on most existing systems, an upstream control unit provides power to the camera, regulates data transfer and, in some models, operates a zoom lens. In some instances a secondary sight glass and an illumination source may also be added.

Depending on the technical requirements of a particular application, L.J. Star offers a range of services, including installation, setup and PC applications as well as all required components. Typically a system consists of a camera, a control unit, connecting cable, plus a monitor and PC equipment as required.

The pressure resistant housing includes a color CCD camera, ¼-inch CCD sensor, 2.5 Lux sensitivity and a 2-wire transmitter with electronics, approved for Ex zones 1 and 2. EC type test certification is DMT 01 ATEX E 047. . All components are designed to explosion group II C specs and temperature classes up to T6 @ 104°F (40°C).

Two types of cameras are available: the standard-lens K06-Ex and the zoom-lens K07-Ex. Certification for both is Ex II 2D IP 67 T 80°C/T 130°C. The zoom lens model meets EX II 2G EEx d II C T6/T4 while the standard lens model meets II 2G EEx de II C T6/T4. The units are also available in all stainless steel housing.