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Cost-effective magnetic separators for sanitary Industries

March 24, 2008
ProGrade® Rare Earth and ProGrade Xtreme™ SeriesMagnetic Separators are economical, effective and powerful enough to meet the high purity demands of the food, chemical and pharmaceutical grade industries. Available in plate, grate, tube and sanitary trap assemblies, ProGrade Rare Earth and ProGrade Xtreme™ Series Magnetic Separators offer solutions for practically every sanitary industry process application. ProGrade Rare Earth power helps prevent product contamination and tramp metal damage. Rare Earth powered separators are designed to remove small ferrous contaminants such as pins, clips and other fine ferrous contaminants. Assemblies feature stainless steel construction, utilize high-power Rare Earth magnets and are constructed with demanding attention to welds and finish. ProGrade Xtreme Rare Earth power is the ultimate in process purity. These assemblies combine the finest materials and construction techniques with the industry''s most powerful magnetic circuits to remove weakly magnetic fine ferrous contamination.

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