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Cost-Effective Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter

August 17, 2010
The flowmeter has 12 measuring chords, two of which are solely dedicated to diagnostic functions. Once commissioned, it continuously checks the operating status. The diagnostics in the flowmeter can reliably assess deposits, contamination or changes in wall roughness, so that maintenance can be scheduled according to actual needs. The ultrasonic flowmeter is capable of complying with the ISO17089 and AGA9 standards having 5D straight inlet requirements without using a flow straightener. The flowmeter is able to detect not only changes in the flow profile, but also the changes in the cross sectional area. The unit is available in sizes 4- to 24-inch, an installation length of 3D, and a maximum operating pressure of 2200 psi. It is compatible with commonly used protocols and can be seamlessly integrated into any existing infrastructure.