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Custom dry grinding attritor for power generation industry

July 21, 2008
Custom dry grinding attritor is designed specifically for the fine grinding of calcium carbonate for power plants. The patented HSA-100 is actually part of a complete system designed, produced and implemented by Chemco Systems, LP of Monongahela, Pennsylvania, to remove SO3 gas from a power plant''s smoke stack emissions. Chemco''s system includes limestone powder storage silo, feeder, air classifier, and pneumatic transfer system to feed the product to the gas stream. The Union Process mill grinds the material from approximately 250 microns to 2-20 microns, where the material is further air-classified to produce a final product range of 2 to 4 microns. The HSA-100 high speed dry grinding Attritor has a gross tank volume of 85 gallons, a media volume of 38 gallons, and a 300 HP drive. The mill capacity, depending on composition of limestone, could be up to 1000 lbs/hour. The material is charged into the mill at the top and is discharged out of the bottom by centrifugal force.