Processing Magazine

Custom Dust Collection Fans

July 29, 2010
The backward curved, backward inclined and radial bladed fans are built to meet demanding dust collection applications. The example shown is a backward curved size 49 fan for the clean side of a baghouse and equipped with a pre-spin inlet damper. The split housing facilitates rotor removal without disassembly of any ductwork. Dust collection fans are available for flows up to 850,000 CFM or pressures to 60-inches w.g. Blade and/or housing liners are of abrasion-resistant plate, Firmex, Chromium or tungsten carbide. Ceramic tiles are often fitted for additional abrasion protection. Standard features include flanged inlet and outlet, access doors, shaft seals, and guards to cover shaft, bearings and couplings. Accessories include integral or bolt-on inlet box, inlet or outlet damper for flow control, belt guards, shaft coolers and low leakage shaft seals. Optional bearing accessories include dust seals, temperature sensors and vibration detectors.