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Custom-engineered split shaft seals for dry blenders

August 31, 2009
Custom-engineered shaft seals are available fully split to retrofit blenders, mixers and other rotating bulk process equipment, without the removal of bearings or drives. The seals offer an effective alternative to packing glands where they are failing to contain dry powders, pastes, slurries, corrosives, fluids, solvents, vapors and gases. The manufacturer offers sanitary seal models, which can be easily disassembled for routine cleaning: ideal for dry, abrasive powder processes in industries where frequent product changes and wash-downs are required. Seals can also be fitted with flush water inlet and drain ports. The seals are built with a minimum of 6mm of total shaft run-out/misalignment capacity. Many of the manufacturer’s seals work with an air- or gas-purge system; these consume .25 cfm or less of gas. The patented seal concept is based on the use of a driving elastomer; there are no internal springs to loosen, corrode or break.