Global Processing

Custom-Made Dispenser for Food, Pharma, Powdered Metals

March 15, 2010

The new dispenser design was created for companies who need dispensers to empty completely for one of several reasons: sanitation, the use of very high-value ingredients, or batching operations where tolerances are so close that even minor variances are unacceptable. Companies that benefit most include food companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and powdered metal processors. The dispensers are manufactured from seamless, rotationally molded, cross-linked (HDPE) polyethylene. Standard gauge is ½ inch. The polyethylene dispensers are superior to stainless steel in both chemical resistance, and resistance to mechanical damage from forklifts and other plant equipment, according to the manufacturer. Additionally, the polyethylene dispensers are exceptionally durable, have high tensile strength, and remain “sweat-free” when temperatures fluctuate. The new dispensers have a liquid-smooth finish, and unique interior geometry that makes them suitable for both powered and flaked material. Ingredients are gravity-fed continuously and evenly. There is no internal “shelf” to trap material, and no internal bolts or other interruptions of the polyethylene material. The new dispensers meet FDA and USDA requirements and are suitable for ultra-fine powders, high-density ingredients – and those that are mechanically or chemically corrosive. The dispensers are manufactured in 8-, 11-, and 15-cubic-foot capacities; all have the same footprint, so they are interchangeable on a production line.