Processing Magazine

DC Motors for Hazardous Environments

May 22, 2012

Ohio Electric Motors’ explosion-proof DC motors are for the chemical, coal mining, textile, petro-chemical industries or around drilling or construction sites where explosive gases/conditions may be present. The line features NEMA frames 48 and 56 with an output range from 1/8 HP to 1.25 HP, 12 to 180 volts and 500 to 4000 RPM. They are applied on pump drives, blower drives and reels & winches.

Other features include long life sealed ball bearings with high temperature grease, low loss steel laminations, NEMA-rated magnet wire, High start up torque, high efficiency, precision dynamic balancing, high temperature polyester varnish impregnated armatures, easily reversible, UL and CSA Listed (Class 1, Groups C, D; Class 2, Groups F, G), and optional anti rusting zinc coating or private labeling.