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Diageo Announces Carbon Reduction and Environmental Initiatives at Two Facilities

April 26, 2010
PRNewswire reports that Diageo''s bottling and packaging plant in Relay, Maryland has kicked off a series of major projects that, when completed, will reduce carbon emissions by a total of over 670 tons per year. At the same time, the Menlo Park, California bottling facility has achieved significant progress toward its goal of zero waste to landfill status. At the Relay plant, four separate initiatives aimed at reducing the site''s carbon footprint are currently underway. Actions to replace fluorescent lighting, and to repair the steam delivery system, are on track to net a combined carbon reduction of 489 tons of carbon dioxide per year. Gasoline powered Diageo vehicles will be eliminated at the plant, and replaced with small all-weather electric utility trucks. The new vehicles will reduce the facility''s carbon footprint by 10 tons of carbon dioxide per year. In addition, the plant''s boiler will be modernized through a series of targeted upgrades, resulting in a savings of 173 tons of carbon dioxide per year. In partnership with its waste handling services provider, and as part of a composting program implemented nearly a year ago, the Menlo Park site is now able to separate filter pads used for filtering products for composting. It is estimated that this represents approximately 50 percent of the site''s remaining waste to landfill, and this new capability will assist greatly in advancing the site closer to zero waste to landfill. These initiatives follow improvements last year at the Menlo Park site to convert the plant''s lighting to more energy efficient fixtures and install timed lighting control panels throughout the plant.