Processing Magazine

Diaphragm metering pump with automatic air release valve

March 27, 2006

The 500AR Series hydraulic diaphragm metering pump is designed with an automatic air release valve to be used in sodium hypochlorite service or with other chemicals that off-gas at room temperature. The 500AR features a PVC head design that minimizes internal space eliminating areas where gas can accumulate. All ports slope upward to vent gas through the top of the pump and away from the diaphragm. The PVC AR head can be specified on any Neptune Series 500E pump with capacities up to 9 gph. (Units with higher volume capacities purge gas naturally.) Like all Series 500 "dia-PUMPs", the 500AR features a Teflon diaphragm to isolate process chemicals from the pump''s working parts and from the environment. This design eliminates packing and seals. All Series 500 models feature a micrometer dial which allows manual adjustment over 10-1 turndown range. Automatic control options include pneumatic or electric stroke length adjustment and variable speed drives. All Neptune Series 500 pumps also feature the unique Variable Oil By-passÔ stroke adjustmen,t which allows improved valve performance over variable linkage designs.