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Digital communications capabilities expanded on flowmeters

October 30, 2009
The manufacturer’s line of mass flow meters and mass flow controllers is now available with digital communications capabilities. Now you can choose between Profibus or RS485, which is delivered in a small field installable module that mounts directly on top of the flowmeter. The flowmeter with Profibus supports both DPV0 cyclic and DPV1 acyclic data communication. It has a standard 9-pin female D-connector for signal and an M5 connector for power. Baud rates from 9600 up to 12M are supported, which are automatically detected. The flowmeter with RS485 has a physical layer with proprietary “S-Protocol” based on HART® command set. It has a standard 15-pin male D-connector for signal and power. Baud rates from 1200 to 38.4K are supported with a top accessible rotary switch for baud rate selection.