Processing Magazine

Discharge screw position provides alternative to traditional ribbon blenders

August 3, 2009
The newly designed ribbon blender features a discharge screw positioned across the entire length of the trough. The screw is powered by a separate direct drive system for independent speed control. The discharge/extruder assembly is designed with very close tolerances between the screw and the trough. This provides a positive flow and discharge force enabling the use of an extrusion die when the blender is being used for pasty materials. The screw runs forward during the discharge cycle, and in reverse towards the driven end during the blending cycle. The advantages of this design include: the ability to discharge continuously at variable rates to match downstream packaging operations; removable screw for cleaning purposes; minimal dead space and more thorough blending; and complete discharge. The new ribbon blender is available is virtually any material of construction and with options to suit the process. Optional features include vacuum construction, jacketed troughs for heating or cooling, sanitary finishes, choppers used to break up agglomerated powders, liquid spray bars and more. This model is available in many sizes from ½ through 515 cubic feet.