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Do You Feel Under Appreciated?

March 19, 2012

On April 10, to recognize the work of organizations and individuals that purchase, operate and maintain pumps, ITT Goulds Pumps will host the first Pump Appreciation Day. The event organizers say that this recognition is long overdue, given the centrality of pumps to improving industrial processes and supporting our modern way of life.

In preparation for the event, nominations are open for a recognition program for individuals who do an exceptional job of specifying, operating and maintaining industrial pumps. The Pulse of Industry Honor Roll is accepting nominations at

Also included in the festivities will be additional awards for pump technology users, as well as presentation of videos and other education materials for consumers. ITT Goulds Pumps will provide funds and support training events for the international Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) Program, supported by the American Heart Association and its global partners. The program teaches first aid, including the recommended method for hands-only CPR.

The World of Pumps Quiz ( challenges participants to answer industry-related questions and pledges donations to the ECC program for every correct answer.

The Pulse of Industry Honor Roll is open to any industrial organization that uses pumps. Nominate an individual by simply filling out an online form. Criteria for being honored include:

Improving pump efficiency

Providing outstanding maintenance

Solving engineering or manufacturing challenges

Exceeding expectations and providing extra effort to keep pumps running

Exemplifying high-quality customer service

Honorees will receive notification by email and receive special recognition at Pump Appreciation Day.

As global energy concerns have come to the fore, experts have estimated that one of the world’s single largest energy users are small voltage motors, the majority of which, perhaps, are used to drive pumps. Recent advances in pump technologies such as variable speed drives and increasing computerization could be seen as analogous to the miracle drugs and pacemakers that have prolonged the lives of millions of heart-challenged individuals.

“Industrial pumps are the heart of industry, and behind every working pump are talented people who specify, operate and maintain them,” says Robert J. Pagano Jr., president of the ITT Industrial Process business. “It’s our goal to recognize as many of these unsung heroes as we can.”