Processing Magazine

Double Oven for Curing, Drying, Preheating

March 3, 2011

Model 49C-650D is an electrically heated oven, available in NFPA 86 Class ‘A’ or Class ‘B’ configuration. Known for its ability to process a wide range of materials, the 49C-650D is an ideal choice among heat processors for most curing/drying/pre-heating needs. The 49C-650D’s compact design features two independent oven chambers (stacked one above the other), each with separate controls, and sharing a single dampered exhaust system. The 49C-650D weighs 1,180 pounds. The oven is capable of reaching and maintaining a maximum temperature of 650 degrees F. An optional matching heavy-duty stand provides a stable base that adds an extra 24 inches to the overall height of the oven; a useful feature making for easier product loading and removal.