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Dow Chemical Partners with Nalco, Saves Billions

January 28, 2010
In a press release statement, Nalco and The Dow Chemical Company announced their cooperative efforts have resulted in annual water savings of one billion gallons of freshwater at Dow’s massive Freeport, Texas production site. That’s enough water to supply nearly 40,000 people in the U.S. for one year. Dow implemented Nalco’s innovative 3D TRASAR® Technology for Cooling Water to treat the 80 process and comfort cooling tower systems for the sprawling 5,000-acre site after designating it a Dow MET (Most Effective Technology). A Nalco/Dow team adapted the award winning 3D TRASAR technology using Six Sigma methodology to classify cooling tower systems based on a variety of control parameters to optimize operations. 3D TRASAR Cooling Water Technology has been recognized with a United States Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award. More than 10,000 3D TRASAR cooling water automation units at customer sites around the world allowed customers to save more than 75 billion gallons of water in 2009. 3D TRASAR technology automatically maintains optimal chemistry of the water used in cooling systems, greatly reducing the quantity of water needed, maximizing the efficiency of the processes and reducing the energy necessary to run them. At the Dow Freeport facility it translated into a $4 million per year reduction in maintenance costs, energy cost, and reducing water use and greenhouse gas emissions.