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Dr Pepper Orders Sugar for Anniversary

July 7, 2010

Dr Pepper is switching to sugar this summer in honor of its 125th anniversary, the latest in a series of moves by soda makers to temporarily swap out high fructose corn syrup, reports the Associated Press. The soda company is rolling out Dr Pepper "Made With Real Sugar" this weekend through early September. Cans and bottles will feature old logos in the company''s deep red, and colorful designs with lions and bright swirls of color harkening back to the 60s. Popular phrases such as "I''m a Pepper" also appear. Manufacturers are testing sugar drinks as people''s appetite for them increases, as some become concerned about high fructose corn syrup. Though they''re nutritionally almost identical and equally caloric, some consumers believe corn syrup is less healthy than sugar. Dr Pepper declined to say if it will try out sugar in other brands such as Canada Dry, 7-Up and A&W Root Beer. They''re also racing to come up with natural, no-calorie sweeteners and reformulate their beverages, though they haven''t been able to apply that to major soft drink brands yet.