Processing Magazine

Drum filling system with vibratory feeder clean, accurately weighed end product

March 7, 2007

Bulk Equipment Systems Technology(B.E.S.T.), Inc.’s drum-filling system with vibratory feeder provides clean, accurately weighed end product. Equipped with a 12" x 36" twin-motor vibratory screener-feeder, the system is designed to deliver 2,500 lbs./hr. of bulk chemical material. Its 20-mesh scalping screen removes foreign products and oversize agglomerates. A permanent plate magnet in the product outlet chute prevents ferrous material from entering the drum. The drum is placed on a platform scale—accuracy on 250 lb. net fill weight is +/- 0.2 lbs. When the final weight is obtained, the screener-feeder automatically stops. For safety, the system also includes a retractable dust hood.