Processing Magazine

Dry granular container loading system fills in 10 minutes or less

July 6, 2009
For quickly loading granular or pellet products into standard ISO containers at rates up to 8,475 cubic feet per hour, the container loading system is the ideal solution according to the manufacturer. The unit is a high-speed belt-based loader designed to throw versus convey material the full length of either a 20-foot or 40-foot long lined container in ten minutes or less when filling a 20-foot container. The throwing action does not damage the material and is therefore ideal for plastic pellets, refined sugar, grains, soybeans, animal meal (pellets), wood chips/pellets, rice, and clay pellets. The loader is available in three models-the Mobile Forklift Frame Model, Fixed Frame Model, and Dedicated Mobile Frame Model-all of which were designed with mobility in mind. The Mobile Forklift Frame model can be moved by forklift allowing the unit to be hung on the rear of an empty container prior to the container being moved under the loading silo or hopper. The Fixed Frame model is designed for use with silos that are always used for out-loading materials into containers. The Dedicated Mobile Frame model is mounted on wheels, which allows it to be easily positioned under the required silo without the use of a forklift. All models of the loader can load materials ranging in sizes of .04 to 1 inch with bulk densities from 25 to 75 lbs/ft³. Additional options are available.