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Duplex pipeline strainer easily adapts to complex applications

March 6, 2006
The Eaton Model 950 Fabricated Duplex Pipeline Strainer continuously removes damage-causing particulate matter sized from 1/2" down to 45 microns from the flow in pipeline systems. The system flow never has to be shut down for strainer basket cleaning. Because the Model 950 Pipeline Strainer is fabricated, as opposed to being made from a casting, it''s easy and cost effective to modify to suit exact application requirements. Users and specifiers of duplex pipeline strainers can cost effectively "design" a duplex strainer that meets their exact needs with no compromises. Specifications such as inlet/outlet placement and location, physical size, cover types for the strainer basket chambers, automatic operation, and steam jackets are among the items that can be customized. Eaton''s Model 950 Duplex Pipeline Strainer is manufactured in carbon steel or type 316 stainless steel for pipelines 2" to 36" in size. All sizes feature a very large strainer basket "free area" ratio for excellent flow characteristics and a low start-up pressure drop. A specially designed valve assembly links the two strainer basket chambers. Operating the valves (ball or butterfly type) diverts the flow from one chamber to the other without the flow ever being shut down. This allows the out-of-service chamber to be opened and the strainer basket cleaned.