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DuPont files lawsuit against Kolon Industries for theft of trade secrets

February 4, 2009
DuPont has filed a civil lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Richmond, Va., against Kolon Industries, a competitor of DuPont in aramid fiber, for theft of trade secrets and confidential information regarding DuPont™ Kevlar® aramid fiber. The company issued the following statement saying that they would pursue to protect their proprietary information for the benefit of their shareholders and customers by taking action to ensure that the company’s trade secrets remain protected. DuPont also is filing a lawsuit in Canada and is considering similar actions in other countries. They are pursuing all available legal remedies regarding this issue, including damages and injunctive relief, to prevent further misappropriation of DuPont’s proprietary information. The company’s previously announced a $500 million investment in a new Kevlar® plant in South Carolina and its expansion of a plant in Richmond, Va. The DuPont™ Kevlar® business remains strong. DuPont''s policies and processes are designed to protect our technologies. The company spokesperson said that they would aggressively pursue anyone who tries to steal their intellectual property. Kevlar® is used by DuPont to safeguard first responders and military personnel around the world.