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DuPont Receives EPA Approval for First Refuge-in-the-Bag Seed Product

May 4, 2010

DuPont announced the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) granted the commercial registration of Optimum® AcreMax™ 1 insect protection for Pioneer® brand corn hybrids, according to PRNewswire. This marks the EPA''s first approval of an in-the-bag solution for insect refuge management, offering reduced corn rootworm refuge and a more convenient path to refuge compliance for growers. To help deter corn pests from developing resistance to biotech traits, the U.S. EPA requires growers to plant some corn without a specific insect protection trait to serve as a "refuge." The process of planning and planting a traditional separate insect refuge is time consuming, and refuge corn is at risk for damage and yield loss. Optimum® AcreMax™ 1 insect protection reduces the traditional 20 percent corn rootworm refuge by half and puts it in the seed bag, eliminating the need for separate rootworm refuge while increasing the ease and flexibility of planting the corn borer refuge. Optimum® AcreMax™ 1 products integrate 90 percent of a trusted Pioneer® brand hybrid containing the Herculex® XTRA traits which deliver above- and below-ground biotech insect protection and 10 percent of a hybrid from the same genetic family containing the Herculex® I trait for above-ground insect protection and to serve as the corn rootworm refuge. All seed in the bag is herbicide tolerant.