Processing Magazine

"Easy Clean" powder feeders eliminate tools and excessive downtime

July 21, 2008
Thayer Scale’s line of “Easy Clean” Powder Feeders, for both volumetric and gravimetric applications, features a simple design that eliminates tools and excessive downtime. Complete disassembly and cleaning often takes less than 5 minutes. Conventional feeders are not designed to make material changes practical and efficient. They are hard to disassemble and have inaccessible crevices and blind corners that make thorough cleaning extremely difficult. Screw changes for Thayer’s Powder Feeders are accomplished simply by turning a single knob at the end of the shaft, outside the motor housing. Each screw comes with its own dedicated set of easily replaceable seals, which greatly reduces potential downtime and eliminates cross-contamination. Thayer’s Pan Feeder design also minimizes the risk of cross-contamination with quick release, hand-operated clamps for rapid removal and quick cleaning and/or changeovers of material-dedicated feeding trays. Optional rotating hopper and trough speeds change-out for both screw and vibratory feeder models makes cleaning even easier. This is ideal for batching systems and to discharge remaining material away from process.