Processing Magazine

Easy-to-Use Digital Portable Pig Tracker

March 23, 2010

The new handheld digital portable pig tracker receiver (PTR) combines a user-friendly interface and simple operation with advanced digital technology for easy and reliable operation. A new event indicator feature notifies the operator that the pig has passed. As the transmitter’s signal strength increases, a “Geiger Counter” (modulating) audio and visual display alerts the operator of the pig’s approach and passage. A loud and piercing audio signal addresses high noise level environments. The unit’s visual display incorporates STN technology and a polarized filter to assure easy reading in the field. The sealed keypad can be easily operated wearing heavy gloves and provides both tactile and audible feed back. With just four AA batteries the company’s engineering group states the unit will operate in excess of up to a month under continuous duty. A visual indicator on the interface monitors battery level at all times and the PTR automatically sets to the most recent gain level upon restart. All of these new PTR models are built to handle adverse weather conditions and comply with IP-61.The PTR can be used to detect any manufacturer’s pig transmitter.