Processing Magazine

Easy-to-use quick disconnect chemical dispensing system

October 30, 2006

The new DrumQuik® PRO chemical dispensing system from Colder Products Company provides safe, easy and economic extraction of chemicals from drums, jerry cans and other bulk transfer containers while helping to reduce costly spills, contain hazardous fumes and enhance workplace safety. The easy-to-use, closed-system design combines into one integrated unit a recyclable bung closure and dip-tube with a reusable quick disconnect coupler, ensuring that both sides are sealed from point-of-origin to point-of-use. The DrumQuik PRO system is comprised of two components: a coupler and a drum insert assembly. The drum insert assembly contains a bung closure and dip-tube and can be shipped as part of a drum package, providing a cost-efficient alternative to open and semi-open dispensing systems. No special tools are required to connect the coupler to the system. Clean-up and disposal are easier, because the low-cost drum insert and dip-tube are recyclable. The quick disconnect coupler can be easily rinsed and cleaned for reuse. A built-in vent port allows a pressure feed connection, which speeds chemical flow and prevents release of harmful vapors. The vent port also allows for a blanket gas connection limiting chemical exposure to air, preventing oxidation of sensitive liquids, such as oils and fragrances, and reducing product waste. Ideal for single-use applications, DrumQuik PRO is made from FDA-approved polyethylene material that is compatible with most general chemical uses, including food handling, fragrances and flavorings, paint and coatings, pharmaceuticals, industrial laundry and janitorial supply.