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EcoSystem announces integrated biofuel feedstock machine

May 11, 2009
EcoSystem Corporation plans to conduct operational trials of its Feedstock Machine™ at targeted poultry and swine processing companies, according to The Feedstock Machine™ is an integrated, scalable solution that converts poultry and swine manure into high protein feeds, natural oils, and high quality soil amendments. The Feedstock Machine™ consists of three major subsystems: (1) material preparation and handling, where manure is dewatered and evenly distributed to the bioreactors, (2) bioreactors, where the manure is processed by black soldier fly larvae, and (3) refining and processing, where harvested black soldier fly larvae are refined into high protein feeds and natural oils. Using EcoSystem’s Black Soldier Fly based technology to convert manure from Ohio’s nearly 1.8 million market hogs could yield up to 4.5 million gallons per year in natural oils for renewable fuel production and 39,000 tons of high protein animal feeds annually. EcoSystem’s Black Soldier Fly bioreactor technology can convert a diverse array of feedstocks, including poultry and swine manure, livestock processing wastes, and food scrap waste. Black Soldier Flies are clean, energy-efficient and voracious. They rapidly consume large quantities of feed during maturation and have a high tolerance against contaminants that would cripple algae and other bioreactor technologies.