Processing Magazine

Electric control-valve actuators provide precise operation

December 1, 2008

New electric CVA control-valve actuators are suitable for a wide range of control-valve applications throughout the plant. They are available in linear and quarter-turn actions and provide precise and reliable operation, advanced HMI capabilities, and fail-to-position protection. They incorporate a data logger, which provides an extensive record of such operational and maintenance-related data as valve torque profiles, dwell times, and relevant statistical information. The new actuators eliminate the need for costly air supplies and are easily integrated into most process control environments, including those that use Hart and Foundation Fieldbus protocols. Rotork CVA actuators provide extremely precise control-valve operation with repeatability and resolution performance at <0.1% of full scale. In addition, they include, as a standard feature, wireless Bluetooth communication technology that can be used for quick and easy actuator set-up and adjustment. Rotork CVA actuators can be specified for single-phase AC or DC electrical supplies.