Processing Magazine

Electric stroke controller with digital programmability

October 9, 2006

Neptune Chemical Pump Co., Inc. introduces an all-digital version of its Electric Stroke Controller, which automatically regulates the flow rate of Neptune Metering Pumps in response to a 4-20mA DC control signal. The unit also accepts 0-5 VDC and 0-10 VDC analog control signals or can be operated from incremental dry contact closures. The new actuator features an identical housing structure to its analog predecessor, allowing for easy upgrade of older pumps. Neptune’s new electric digital actuator is ideal for any application where pump flow must be automatically proportioned or varied. Neptune’s fully programmable Digital Stroke Controller improves on the older design by simplifying configuration and calibration through use of color-coded pushbuttons, LEDs and a single adjustment knob. Both customer calibration and factory default settings are retained in memory even during power failure.