Processing Magazine

Enhancements made to STARDOM network-based control system

February 6, 2006

As the oil price and energy demand continue to rise, capital investment has been strong in oil and natural gas projects as well as in such industries as chemicals and iron and steel. Since these facilities can be located across a wide area, there is a growing demand for monitoring and control systems that can link these widely distributed facilities via an open network. Likewise, chemical plants and iron and steel works need monitoring and control systems that can achieve high reliability levels and throughput rates, while featuring compatibility with an open network and a no-frills system configuration. The company responded to these latest market trends and user needs with an upgrade to its STARDOM control system that features newly developed pulse width output modules and enhanced network and communication functions. This upgrade strengthens the capabilities of the control system, which is optimized for high-speed distributed control over a wide area and enables its use in combination with the CENTUM distributed control system (DCS), which is designed for large-scale main processes. STARDOM is an open network control system comprised of function-specific control, operation, and monitoring components that can be interconnected flexibly and on a scaleable basis using networking technology. The system features the same high reliability and supportability of a DCS while having the openness, versatility, and cost-effectiveness of systems that combine PCs, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and other devices. STARDOM is widely used in the control of shared-use plant facilities, including boilers and compressors.