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EPA finds Dow Chemical violations

November 12, 2007
According to the Associated Press, the Environmental Protection Agency found potential clean-air and hazardous waste violations at Dow Chemical Co.''s Midland, Mich. facility. EPA issued a finding of violation under the Clean Air Act and a notice of violation under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. It also issued requests for information under both acts. The EPA claims Dow violated the Clean Air Act by failing to follow regulations designed to detect and repair leaks, as well as failing to conduct a required stack test. Dow also was found in violation of multiple Resource Conservation and Recovery Act requirements for managing hazardous waste, the EPA said. The EPA said the findings are preliminary. To resolve them, the EPA said it could issue a compliance order, assess an administrative penalty or bring suit against the company. Dow has 30 days from receipt of the notification to meet with the EPA to discuss resolving the allegations, the EPA said.