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EU Court Rules Against Monsanto

July 7, 2010

The Associated Press reports the European Union''s top court ruled that Monsanto Co. cannot block Argentine farmers from exporting to Europe soy meal containing the company''s patented genetic modifications. The ruling by the EU Court of Justice says Monsanto''s European patent for the plant genes can''t stop sales of the processed final product. Monsanto designed the RR soybean plant to make it resistant to the weed killer glyphosate. It''s widely cultivated in Argentina, where there''s no patent protection for Monsanto''s changes. Monsanto filed suit in the Dutch courts after it tested Argentine soy meal sold in the Netherlands and confirmed it came from RR soybean. A Dutch judge asked the EU court to determine the extent of Monsanto''s patent rights. Monsanto is working with Argentine companies and farmers to try and resolve the dispute over exports, said spokeswoman Kelli Powers. The company already settled its original lawsuit over the soybean meal, although the settlement details are confidential.