Processing Magazine

Exceptional value, low price magnetic line expanded

March 2, 2009
The manufacturer has expanded its magnetic separation product line to offer customers more options for use in their facilities. Now the product line will include magnetic cartridges, plate magnets, grate magnets, liquid line traps, two-drawer grate-in-housing magnets and sight glass magnets. These new product choices join the existing magnetic holding assemblies as part of the product line offering. Beginning at 4-inches in length, Magnetic Cartridges are priced as low as $27.00 and available in Ceramic, Neo Power-Balanced® (NPB) and Neo High-Intensity (NHI) magnetic strengths. For Grate Magnets, starting at 4-inch by 4-inch, pricing begins at $41.00 and feature multiple sizes in Ceramic and NPB. Grate-In-Housing and Liquid Line Trap Magnets each have three sizes available while the Sight Glass Magnets offer four different sizes. Finally, the Plate Magnets selection has Ceramic and Rare Earth models in twelve sizes. As part of the product launch, the manufacturer is offering a 3% discount on all ValueMag™ products that are ordered online by credit card.