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Extended Rotary for High Level Bin Detection

September 20, 2010
The extended rotaries for top-of-bin mounting can be used when the rotary is used as a high level alarm. These vertically extended rotaries are desirable as solid material will tend to be higher at the filling point and operators want to prevent filling the bin to the very top and allow for a specified amount of headroom in the bin. For top-of-bin applications, the company custom manufactures extended rotaries to the length requested by the customer, offering lengths up to 144-inches. The rotaries are a proven, long-lasting solution for level detection in bins, tanks and silos. The fail-safe rotaries feature a durable motor with de-energized operation that shuts down the motor when material is present to reduce wear and the operating temperature to prolong motor life. The extended rotary can be equipped from a wide selection of three-vane, two-vane, collapsible, insertable, and bayonet-style paddles. Rotaries are designed and manufactured in the company’s ISO 9001:2008 certified facility in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.