Global Processing

Fast Analysis of High Moisture Content

April 9, 2012

From ketchup to moisturizing cream to paint, the moisture content of materials is a decisive factor in determining product quality ­­— especially in substances with an extremely high moisture content. The new LMA200PM moisture analyzer from Sartorius sets the standards for this very requirement. Within just 40 to 120 seconds the LMA200PM delivers precise results on the moisture content of the substance tested. The LMA200PM uses the loss-on-drying technique and heats the sample with microwave radiation, which has been proved to be the fastest and most effective drying method, particularly for materials that contain a high proportion of water. At the same time, the LMA200PM''s integrated analytical weighing system with a resolution of 0.1 mg ensures unbeatable precision for determining wet and dry weights of the sample, which form the basis for calculation of loss on drying.