Processing Magazine

Feeder for Low Feed Rate Applications

September 11, 2012

The PureFeed AI-300 feeder from Schenck AccuRate is designed specifically for low feed rate applications. The feeder features quick and easy disassembly; a dual arm external agitation system for maximizing material handling versatility; and an easy to remove EPDM feed hopper for reduced cleaning and maintenance time. The PureFeed AI-300 also features a stepper motor that allows users to change the penetration agitation speed on the hopper of the feeder without making any mechanical adjustments. For customers who need to change materials frequently this feature allows them to do so without interrupting production, accommodating the new material being fed. The PureFeed AI-300 is available in volumetric and gravimetric configurations for applications such as metering micro ingredients, color pigments and plastic additives in feed rates from 0.5 to approximately 150 kg/hour.