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Feedstock purification technology for biodiesel producers who want to lower their costs

January 29, 2009
Alternative feedstocks can lower costs for biodiesel producers, but they can be difficult to process and convert. To support biodiesel producers who want the flexibility to use alternative feedstocks, Rohm and Haas is introducing its AMBERSEP™ BD19 feedstock purification technology, a pretreatment step specially designed to be used together with its proven AMBERLYST™ BD20 solid esterification catalyst, launched last year. Together, this full system approach is a cost-effective solution to convert all free fatty acids to biodiesel. Many of these alternatives are considered inedible sources, which some producers may see as an advantage. In addition, AMBERSEP™ BD19 purification technology extends the life of the AMBERLYST™ BD20 catalyst by removing unwanted components from high fatty acid feedstocks prior to esterification and improving the operability of the downstream Biodiesel production process. The AMBERSEP™ BD19 purification technology can complement and, in some cases, replace traditional oil degumming processes.