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Fiber optic button helps safeguard against hazards

September 11, 2007

Banner Engineering Corp. announces the PICO-GUARD™ Fiber Optic Emergency Stop Button for use with Banner’s PICO-GUARD safeguarding system. The PICO-GUARD E-Stop Button works in conjunction with the PICO-GUARD Controller and other optical elements in personnel safety and equipment protection applications. The E-Stop Button is used with Banner’s plastic fiber optic cable and offers a simple, quick means of connecting and disconnecting the fiber. Models are available with fiber entry/exit from either the same side or opposite sides of the housing. When paired with the PICO-GUARD Controller, the E-Stop Button meets Safety Category 4 applications (per ISO 13849-1) and is certified for use in harsh and potentially explosive environments. The PICO-GUARD E-Stop Button directly connects to PICO-GUARD Controllers, allowing for the easy integration of the E-Stop and other safety devices into one convenient safety circuit. With an impact-resistant enclosure, the E-Stop Button is rated IP65 and complies with ANSI NFPA 79 and IEC 60204-1 emergency stop requirements. List price for the PICO-GUARD E-Stop Button is $160.