Processing Magazine

Filter Monitors Reduce Operational Cost of Filtration Systems

October 13, 2010
The filter monitors check the health of filtration media by measuring differential pressure -- an indication of pressure drop -- across the input and output sides of the system. Easy-to-read dial models have benefits not offered by two pressure gauges. The single dial simplifies training, installation and maintenance while reducing operator errors. Expensive filter media won’t be replaced before its time. Reduced monitor size and cost offer an effective filter optimization solution. Popular in water treatment systems, the filter monitors are available with 1-in or 2.5-in diameter durable plastic dial cases. Switches are standard options to alert users of alarm conditions. Transmitter and switch versions are available on request. The bodies are rated at up to 150 psi line pressure and are conveniently small sized, measuring 1-in D x 1.5-in H x 1.5-in W. Precision made piston sensors handle differential pressure ranges from 0-10 to 0-30 psid, covering most filter monitoring applications. Accuracy is 5-percent full scale and each unit is calibrated to NIST standards. PVC filter monitors come standard with 1/8-in female NPT process ports on the bottom of the body. C-clamps are available to mate units to panels.