Processing Magazine

Filter receivers trap unwanted airborne material

June 18, 2008
Customizable Cyclonaire brand filter receivers provide automatic air filtration and dust control for dry bulk materials that are conveyed pneumatically – supporting most conveying systems. Unwanted airborne material is trapped by the filter media, located within the Filter Receiver. Preset timers clean the filter media automatically with pulse jet reverse air flow – dropping the once airborne, retained material into the unit’s circular hopper. Easy-to-use and install Filter Receivers achieve efficient performance through proper selection of the filter media and are matched to the system’s airflow. Cyclonaire Filter Receivers and hoppers are constructed of heavy-duty carbon steel for abrasive materials, and are available with an epoxy coating or in stainless steel for corrosive and food-grade applications. An array of features come standard with each Filter Receiver, including a hinged door for easy bag access, differential pressure gauges that indicate when filter service is needed, support stands and legs, and a safety grid located in the hopper to prevent bags and cages or cartridges from falling into the discharge device when changing the media.