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Filter regulators are ideal for pneumatic equipment

March 18, 2009
The units are ideal for OEM applications and critical in-plant applications. Four filter regulators are offered with flow rates from 16 scfm to 72 scfm. Constructed in either 316 stainless steel or zinc alloy, the filter regulators are designed with a rolling diaphragm for extended life with quick response and accurate pressure regulation regardless of changing flow or inlet pressure. Four mini filters offered in both 316 stainless steel and zinc alloy with high-efficiency coalescing filter media are ideal for harsh environment applications such as chemical wash-down areas. Sight glasses and automatic float drains are available options. Five regulator models are offered ranging from ¼” ports to 1 ½” ports in both 316 stainless steel and aluminum, with maximum pressure capacity of up to 300 psig and flow rates to 300 scfm. These products are ideal for pneumatic equipment and instrumentation requiring special air preparation such as accurate pressure regulation, high-efficiency coalescing filtration, miniature hardware configuration with high pressure and optional high flow capabilities.