Processing Magazine

Filter Sample Program for Industrial Applications

August 21, 2012

Argonide Corp. has launched a “no charge” sample program to develop new markets. Their goal is to take advantage of the benefits provided by their patented electropositive NanoCeramfiltration technology. The Argonide-sponsored program will determine the efficacy and economic benefits of using their pleated filter cartridges in a variety of applications. NanoCeram is an electropositive non-woven pleated filter with an average 2-micron pore size, which is very effective at filtering sub-micron particles at high flowrates. It is used extensively in residential, commercial and industrial water purification. The NanoCeram filter exhibits excellent attributes as a prefilter for other systems including RO membranes, UV chambers and ion exchange beds. Extremely efficient turbidity reduction and SDI values between 0.5 – 1.0 provide excellent feedwater quality for such applications. NanoCeram filters are also used in a polishing mode to increase final feedwater quality. As part of a filtration system, this technology can further reduce contaminants such as colloidal solids, organics, virus, endotoxins and trace pharmaceuticals. Through this new program, Argonide is seeking to expand its industrial/commercial applications portfolio and is prepared to provide filters at no charge for select installations. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Argonide to discuss the specifics of their application to determine the viability of this innovative technology.