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Firefighters extinguish five-alarm fire at OKC chemical plant

July 25, 2012

OKLAHOMA CITY — Firefighters worked for more than two hours Tuesday afternoon to extinguish a five-alarm fire at a chemical plant in Oklahoma City, reported.

The Bachman Services, Inc. plant contained 400 55-gallon drums of various chemicals, including triazine — an emulsion breaker that is flammable and toxic.

Firefighters used foam to put out fire near the chemicals that would react with water.

A forklift that caught fire was blamed for the incident.

No injuries were reported, but paramedics treated three people for heat exhaustion on the scene.

Witnesses heard explosions at the plant, and black smoke could be seen for miles.

“We heard some explosions. You could hear them, and then they''d shoot up a ball of smoke 80 to 100 feet high,” said Dick Koetter, owner of the nearby Automatic Fire Control.