Processing Magazine

First Coriolis flowmeter with self-verification of its calibration, meter health

July 13, 2006

Emerson Process Management has released patented self-verification technology for in-situ assessment of calibration and health of the company’s Micro Motion® ELITE® Coriolis flowmeters. Self-verification of Micro Motion meters dramatically reduces flow metering validation efforts and expense, and enables predictive maintenance that addresses meter health issues before they interrupt operation. There are often application specific reasons or industry standards that require periodic verification to ensure that flowmeters are operating properly. In quality assurance, meter verification is often a regulatory requirement; in hazardous processes, safety procedures and regulations may dictate periodic verification of otherwise perfectly-functioning flowmeters; in troublesome processes, meter verification can eliminate a flowmeter from the list of potentially-malfunctioning devices. For flowmeters deployed in corrosive, erosive, or other potentially-damaging environments, there is an expectation that meters will fail in a given time span due to deterioration of the flow tubes. Micro Motion meter verification capability assesses and tracks flow tube integrity over time, enabling users to predict and plan for meter replacement when it is most convenient.