Processing Magazine

Fittings Prevent Leakage into Sample Systems, Enclosures

June 7, 2010
Introducing three captured O-ring feed-through and bulkhead fitting products for use in process analyzer sampling and electronics enclosures. The feed-through and bulkhead fittings are designed for the prevention of air, gases and liquids leaking into sample systems and electronic enclosures. The captured O-ring sealed feed-through and bulkhead fitting products can be used to protect the internal components of enclosures in a wide range of markets, including petrochemical, chemical processing, oil and gas, power generation, analytical OEMS, system integrators, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical, among others. The three new products include a captured O-ring pneumatic feed-through, a captured O-ring electrical feed-through, and a captured O-ring tube fitting. The feed-through and fitting products can be used in a wide variety of basic enclosures, including those housing sample systems or sensitive electronics. The company recommends these products to accommodate system integration and enclosure interfaces where stringent environmental and hazardous area specifications are required. The captured O-ring tube fitting prevents gas or liquids from entering an enclosure, thus protecting interior components. Designed to prevent thread leakage in fitting bulkhead union connectors, it is available in 1/8-, ¼-, ½-, and ¾-inch fitting sizes.