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Flexible weighfeeder with rugged design for use in variety of applications

March 16, 2009
The low- to medium-capacity weighfeeder for minor ingredient additives has been field tested and proven in hundreds of applications. The unit can be customized to meet exact application needs. Stainless or mild steel units are available in open or enclosed styles. Custom lengths, belt types, inlet configurations, drives, and other options are available to meet your requirements. The MS (mild steel) model is ideal for use with chemicals, powders, or any granular product in applications not requiring wash-down. The SD (sanitary duty) model is designed for the food industry where high-pressure wash-down is required. It meets all USDA and FDA requirements. Its cantilevered mechanical design provides for quick belt removal and easy maintenance. It’s designed to eliminate material build-up, ensuring high accuracy and reliability. The unique weigh system reduces dead load and applies live load directly to 2 platform load cells. Load cells are externally mounted for easy access and maintenance. Standard components include the belt weigh bridge, speed sensor and test weights, supported by Siemens-Milltronics BW 100 or BW 500 microprocessor-based integrators for easy blending, batching and feed rate control.