Processing Magazine

Flowmeter Eliminates the Need for Expensive Laboratory Analysis

March 30, 2010
The density flowmeter provides on-line measurements, eliminating the need for extensive and expensive off-line procedures and laboratory measurements. A built-in density calculator can be end-user customized with complex tables and mathematical interdependencies, allowing the meter to provide the same kind of density and concentration measurements once possible only with lab instruments. Because the liquid meter provides on-line measurements, it allows control systems to react much faster to changing process conditions. Instead of waiting for results to come back from the lab, a control system can take corrective action immediately by performing closed-loop control. The flowmeter is capable of providing analytical process information on-line and in-line according to customer requirements. It offers solutions for a variety of applications including process optimization, quality monitoring and reduction of waste. Customers can customize the flowmeter for many density and concentration applications including, such as
  • Content measurement and concentration (sulphuric acid, sugar, alcohol, etc.)
  • Quality statements (mineral oil, milk, etc.)
  • Purity indication
  • Product identification
  • As a changing variable indicating the metabolism in relation to kinetic statements (reaction rate)
  • As a basic variable for physical calculations or simulations
  • For clarification of how much material is contained in a given volume.