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Flowmeter Ideal for Municipal Water Filtration Plants and Industrial

February 2, 2010
With a breakthrough streamlined sensor design, the flowmeter delivers highly accurate liquid measurement in a more compact, lighter package that simplifies installation, while offering low-maintenance and long-life at an economical cost. The advanced flowmeter is a non-invasive, no-moving parts electromagnetic sensing instrument designed for inline installation. It delivers exceptional flow measurement accuracy of +0.5 percent in water effluent with repeatability of 0.05 percent of actual flow for highly reliable operation. Designed for 2 to 48 inch lines, it measures flow from 0.2 to 49 fps at pressures of up to 300 psi, depending on the selected pipe size and flange configuration. Municipal and industrial water treatment plant engineers will find the versatile flowmeter is ideal for application in small to mid-size municipal or industrial water filtration facilities and wastewater treatment plants. Its streamline non-contacting electromagnetic sensor design makes it suitable for use in dirty water effluent with sand, debris and even slurry or sludge media without clogging worries. Manufactured with 316 Stainless Steel, the unit’s electrodes are self-cleaning for long service and virtually no maintenance. The flowmeter operates in high temperatures up to 170 degrees F, is available with optional end connections such as ANSI, DIN, JIS, smooth and grooved end flanges and can be ordered with custom lay lengths reducing installation costs. ISO standard magmeter lengths are also available. When conductive liquid flows through the pipe, a voltage is created, which is measured by electrodes inserted through the flowmeter liner into the flow stream. The voltage is then converted to a flow rate reading by the flowmeter’s signal converter, which includes a digital read-out.