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Flowmeter meters, registers, monitors bulk material flows gently

December 8, 2009
The flowmeter is used in process applications that need reliable metering, registering or monitoring of bulk material flows. The flowmeter has no moving parts. The bulk material flows through two force sensor stations that have no mechanical effect on the material. Bulk material flows by gravity into the upper measuring channel, an inclined chute mounted on a force transducer where the force, acting perpendicularly on the chute is measured as mass. The bulk material then flows into the lower, vertical channel, which determines velocity or acceleration rate. From the signals of these two sensors the flow rate is determined per unit of time. The bulk material can consist of granules, chips or fibers. Bulk materials include plastics, chemicals, animal feed, cement, coal, glass, aluminum, grain, etc; with very good to good flow characteristics. Since there are no moving parts, bulk materials are handled gently.