Processing Magazine

Forklift scale adds weighing and data collection

December 2, 2009

The NTEP-certified, 5,000 lb. capacity forklift scale combines lifting, weighing, transfer, and data collection capabilities. The forklift scale can be installed on a fork lift truck to combine lifting, weighing, transfer, and data collection functions. Increasing productivity and saving space by eliminating a floor scale, this NTEP-certified scale features a rechargeable lithium-ion smart battery, has an onboard weigh indicator with 1 MB memory, and uses wireless communications to provide data to a central computer system in real-time. Capable of data logging and storing up to 10,000 records, the scale’s real-time data transmission includes accurate shipment identifiers and weight-related data such as PRO number, employee ID, last transaction data, and estimated- and actual weight and skids. The battery operates 24-hours continuous and recharges fully in eight hours.